Beverly Green

With more than 20 years of fashion styling expertise in the Hollywood entertainment industry and four years in the Denver market, I bring a wealth of intuition, creativity and maturity to every project.

Having specialized in wardrobe, hair and makeup, my goal is always to instill confidence in every client to look and feel their best.  I bring a seasoned and in-depth knowledge of fashion, beauty and lifestyle to every consultation.

I help you create the best image to present to the world so that you feel comfortable, confident and in control in every situation.  I think we can all remember the look we saw in the person we first fell in love with – there was just something about them with which we resonated…. a connection.  Everybody remembers THAT LOOK… that look that makes an impression.  I help you get that look – the look that says you are moving in confidence and strength and comfortable in your own skin.  And, instead off making it a hit-or-miss proposition – instead of making that happen only once in a while or only if you spend enough money, I show you how to get that look and make that connection so you can achieve that feeling every day.  I know what that look feels and looks like, I know how you can get it and I will help you have it, too.

Additionally, I help you save money in the process because you are only buying the things that are right for you.  I help you look like a million for pennies on the dollar.

Ladies and gentlemen, it all boils down to confidence - if you are ready to step up your style statement, it would be my honor to help you.

Be Elegant… Be Evocative… Be Classic…


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